Canada's Largest Mold Training and Certification Body

Quality training for Canadian mold inspectors

We are a 100% Canadian-based mold training institute and focus on Canadian mold and air quality issues established by Health Canada

Our course is based and audited under the Canadian National Occupational Standards for certification in the provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and all East Coast provinces.

Inspect4mold specializes and has trained many First Nations across Canada in mold inspection/testing and remediation.

Our training curriculum is accredited by the International Association of Certified Indoor Air Consultants towards National Certification within all provinces in Canada.

Coronavirus Pandemic. A disinfector in a protective suit and mask sprays disinfectants in house or office. Protection agsinst COVID-19 disease. Prevention of spreding pneumonia virus with surfaces.

100% Canadian Content

We only teach approved content relevant for the Canadian mold inspector


You receive the highest-quality education from experienced instructors


We provide you with consistent expert support from start to finish

Continued Education

We offer continued education programs and other further study programs
A man in a hard hat, holding a clipboard, standing on the steps of an old rundown house.
Damage caused by damp on a wall in modern house
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Your career in mold inspection

Reasons to consider a new career in mold inspection

The Phase “Toxic Mold” has become a buzz word in the media in the last several years. Reports of severe health complications, condemned buildings, grow houses and other severe problems have contributed to this increasing awareness.

The average mold inspection takes between 1 1/2 hours to 2 1/2 hours and starting market rate for inspection/testing is $550 and up.

10 Reasons to Train with Inspect4Mold 

  1. No Ongoing fees (with our courses)
  2. Minimal startup costs
  3. Run as a part-time or full time business
  4. Unlimited income potential and expansion
  5. Unbelievable demand for Mold Inspectors
  6. Immediate cash flow benefits/onsite payment
  7. Flexibility-set your own hours
  8. Short term start up training/certification
  9. Very low overhead
  10. Exciting and lucrative career

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