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These are our most frequently asked questions that we hear from students. We have comprised the most important questions and answers to help you in understanding the field of mold inspections and our training program. Please click the questions to learn more.

Inspect4mold will help you become a certified mold/indoor air quality inspector. Some provinces are looking at regulations or have regulations pending for mold inspectors.

As of 2012 all new homes being built have to be “green certified” in Canada.

Mold inspections, which typically start at $550.00 and up have become the fastest growing niche market in North America. Mold has been called the “new asbestos” of this decade.

With all the health warnings posted by the Government of Canada regarding mold and health in your home, it’s clear that the mold inspection industry will only continue to expand.

There are choices in laboratories, but you should use accredited labs recognized by the Industrial Hygiene Association. Our training Institutes will provide students with accredited labs.

There is a tremendous amount of work in the industry most of it coming from:

  • Real Estate Agents
  • Property Management
  • Landlords
  • Real Estate Appraisers
  • Relocation Companies
  • Real Estate Attorneys
  • Bank/Mortgage Lenders
  • Insurance Companies
  • Home Inspectors
  • Contractors
  • Home Owners and much more

Our training will focus on these topics, but there is more work out there then some Mold Inspectors can handle.

YES we are the only mold training institute in all of Canada that offers ongoing support and care for our students. Our philosophy is to produce quality mold inspectors not quantity.